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Air: The airport Mariscal Sucre, is located at the northend side of Quito at the Avenida Amazonas. All International flights into Ecuador arrive to Quito or Guayaquil (Simón Bolivar airport).
Bus: The Terminal Terrestre is addressed at Maldonado and Cumandá (south of Plaza Santo Domingo), in the old city. All long distance buses leave and arrive to the station. Some other long distance bus companies with better quality coaches have their own private terminals in the New City, such as Panamericana on Colón and Reina Victoria corner (Tel. 2501585). They go to Guayaquil, Manta, Esmeraldas, Huaquillas, Cuenca, Loja and Machala. They also offer international service to Lima and Bogotá. Ormeño Internacional.- (Lima, Santiago and Buenos Aires) Address: Shyris N34-432 and Portugal opposite Parque la Carolina (Tel. 2460027).
City buses: There are three types of city buses, "Populares" which are light blue and cost around US $0.18 (crowded). "Interparroquial" which are pink and run to outer places such as the valleys of Los Chillos and Tumbaco. And "selectivos" which are red and takes only sitting passengers. The cost is around US $0.25.
Trolley bus: Is an organized transport system of Trolley buses, running on sole set lanes across the city north to south and feeder (alimentadores) bus lines, running to suburbs from the northern and southern stations. The Trole has 2 routes running mainly along Av. 10 de Agosto, and the brand new one called Ecovía along Av. 6 de Diciembre. The fare for both systems is US $0.25.

Taxi: Taxis in Quito have working meters, make sure that the meter is running when you hire one. If it is not, you should bargain the fare with the taxi driver in advance. At night, rates increase to a 40% more of normal prices.

List of Radio Taxi companies:
Taxi Amigo: Tel. 2222222 / 2333333 / 2222220
City Taxi: Tel. 2633333 / 2630220
Central Radio Taxis: Tel. 2406806 / 2811111 / 2267900
RTR: Tel. 2533878 / 2535600
JJ Taxi: Tel. 2639639 / 2639999 / 2628400.

Train: Regular train schedules are sporadic and located via trolley at Chimbacalle or Machángara Tel 2656142 or head office Tel. 2582921

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